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Starting My NFT #30daysofweb3

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Favour Adetona
·Jun 12, 2022·

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Hello, I am Favour Adetona from Nigeria, I am very passionate about development, I was excited when I heard the buzz word "Web3", "decentralisation".

So I decided to look into it, I loved the way NFTs are structured, there's a world of opportunity that has been created through NFTs, like ID cards, cinema tickets, passes and many more. Nft is going to continue bringing more opportunities.

The Challenge

So basically this my challenge will be all about NFTs. Here is what I have planned out.

  1. Nft smart contract
  2. Nft minting website
  3. Nft staking
  4. Nft dao

This what my #30daysofweb3 will cover, join me in this journey and let's explore the possibilities and power of NFTs.

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